S1E2 - Target audience of this publication

Note: I have revised my target group definition in the meantime. You can find a current description of the focus of this publication in the "About me" section of this website.

At the start of this publication, I would like to briefly discuss who the target audience of the content on UpgradeSpace.io is.

German version of this article / Deutschsprachige Fassung.

This publication will most likely provide the greatest value to readers...

a) ... who would like to realize their own ideas or who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurially active in the future, but have little entrepreneurial experience so far. Whether you as a reader already have a business idea or not is irrelevant. I will present content that will support you in your search for a suitable business idea and go all the way to its realization. This publication is going to provide you with the know-how to think and act entrepreneurially when you are ready to start your own business.

b) ... who have already founded a business, but are still at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. A lot is still unclear. Much of the published content addresses the specific challenges in early stages of starting a business. The published content will provide you with food for thought and help you overcome numerous challenges along your entrepreneurial way.

c) ... who are interested in entrepreneurial thinking and doing and want to learn more about it, but do not want to start a business themselves (e.g. managers in organisations). Although the contents of this publication are not primarily designed for established corporations, I often experience that the way entrepreneurs think and act is also of use in this environment. Developing new business models or methods to quickly validate them in the marketplace are becoming increasingly relevant for established companies as well. Steve Blank1 comments:

„Corporations have spent the past 20 years increasing their efficiency by driving down costs. But simply focusing on improving existing business models is not enough anymore. Almost every large company understands that it also needs to deal with every-increasing external threats by continually innovating. To ensure their survival and growth, corporations need to keep inventing new business models. This challenge requires entirely new organizational structures and skills.“

While some of the content will be specific to founders, others can also be used in established companies. In this respect, this publication may also be of interest to managers in established organizations.


Blank, Steve. (2013). Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything. Harvard Business Review.