S3E1 - Goals, Values, Future Visions - Setting the Mood

In my last article, I wrote about the role that one's interests play in exploring possibilities and realizing ideas. Interests are a possible starting point. But where should the journey go?

German version of this article / deutschsprachige Fassung.

Becoming aware of which goals, values and visions of the future are important to oneself plays a significant role in deciding for or against a possible path. The current season will revolve around these topics. To set the mood for the topic, I would like to share an illustrative example that I read the other day:

"You are on a hike. Your destination is a certain cathedral. You have discovered it in a book and are looking forward to getting to know this magnificent work of art. You have been walking for a long time. At some point you realize that you are lost. You are tired by now and sit down by the side of the path. To make matters worse, you have acquired two blisters. Your good mood has vanished. You are grumpy, annoyed that you have lost the way. You simply remain seated.

But then you lift your head again, look around in all directions - and there it is: through a bush you catch sight of it: the tower of your longed-for monument. Within seconds you stand up. You now know the direction and start walking. (The fact that there is supposed to be a great restaurant next to the cathedral also inspires you to move quickly). Forgotten is the disappointment about your seemingly missed path, forgotten are the blisters and the fatigue. You no longer take your eyes off the tower. Almost magically it attracts you. Then you stand in the wonderful cathedral. You let yourself be captured by its unique atmosphere. You are filled with its spirit. You are amazed." - Uwe Böschemeyer1 (2018; Markings in the text have been added subsequently)

Goals, values or visions of the future can act like a magnet on us. They attract us. They mobilize forces, increase stamina and sharpen our focus. Being aware of where we want to go can therefore be an advantage. But more about this in the following episodes of this season.


Böschemeyer, U. (2018). Von den hellen Farben der Seele: Wie wir lernen, aus uns selbst heraus zu leben (1. Auflage). Ecowin. (See on Amazon; sorry dear english speaking readers, the book is available in German only)