Change of direction

I started this newsletter at the beginning of May. My goal was to publish content for early stage founders. Since I coach a lot of startup teams, I am familiar with the content needs and issues that arise in very early stages. With that in mind, I wrote a list of topics to work through chronologically. One article each week, starting with how to come up with business ideas in the first place.

German version of this article / deutschsprachige Fassung.

For the first few weeks, I was pretty consistent. Every week, one article was published. Then came the summer vacation, the publication engine stalled a bit. After the summer I wanted to write an article about "Vision Boards", which can be helpful to visualize your own wishes and dreams. I use vision boards myself, so the article would have been a quick win. Somehow, though, I couldn't really motivate myself to spend time on the article. For me, writing down this content would have just been a repetition. My own gain in knowledge limited.Then I was drawn in by an own business idea in the field of NFTs (Non fungible Tokens) or DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). The pull of the idea was so great that I wanted to spend every free minute only with NFTs, DAOs and the Metaverse. I knew I was supposed to write about vision boards, but I actually wanted to write about the topics I was currently interested in instead.  I couldn't bring myself to spend time on the vision board topic. Weeks went by. In the meantime I published a few (in my opinion) interesting articles on Linkedin, which would certainly have been interesting for the readers of the newsletter, but not about vision boards. The content of these topics would not have fit into the structure I had in mind. My intended editorial plan for this blog became an obstacle that felt almost insurmountable. Knowing that consistently and regularly publishing content is one of the success factors of publishing, I have now made a decision.

Since May, I have published eleven articles. I've also been playing on various social media channels with these articles, leaving nothing out (see TikTok). By now, I've gained a good experience base of which channels work and which don't. And I've learned quite a bit about myself, according to my Think-Act-Feel logic. The newsletter experiment showed me that I don't want to stick to an editorial plan for the long term. I just want to write about what interests me. And how important your own interest is to perseverance in such initiatives is something I also wrote an article about. I'm on my own medicine now. This newsletter and my profiles on social networks will now be realigned.

In terms of content, I will now write about topics that have sparked my interest (hoping that this content will also be of interest to you). I need to create a setting for myself where I can publish an article every week.  In which it is easy for me to write because I am close to my interests. In which it is fun and the engagement, the processing of content, also adds value to myself. The thoughts I publish will probably be on topics like entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and psychology.

In terms of the channels I use, there will be some differentiation of content. I will take a LinkedIn-first approach. So LinkedIn will become my most important channel. Other social networks will also be partially separated in terms of content. On Twitter, for example, I will post more frequently and with much more focused content about NFTs, DAOs and the Metaverse. Attached is the realignment of the channels:

This newsletter: 1 article per week on topics that have sparked my interest (most important thought)

LinkedIn: 3-5 posts a week on topics I find relevant (my own thoughts, observations, articles worth reading, etc.) + topic discussion

Twitter: 5-10 posts a week focusing on NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse

Instagram: 5-10 posts / stories a week, even on non-business topics (hint: I love taking food pictures)

Next week, I'll be following up with content via newsletter that I've already posted on LinkedIn but that you might find interesting.