Focus on Web3, NFTs, blockchain, metaverse.

I decided to give this publication a content focus. While in my last articles I talked a lot about entrepreneurship in general, in the future I will discuss what is happening in the areas of Web3, NFTs, Blockchain or the Metaverse.

I'm particularly drawn to the Web3 topic. Why? It is the first time in many years that I think it is likely that big companies like Facebook or Uber will be disrupted.

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Why? Because Web3 players are doing things completely differently and are building new business models that are superior to those of Web2 companies.

In Web3, the users of a service become stakeholders who, for example, have a say in decision-making and also a share in the financial success. Imagine a social network in which advertising revenue is distributed not largely to the owners, but to the content creators. A social network in which the company cannot change the newsfeed algorithm on its own. A social network in which users actively participate in important decisions. A network in which users have rights and are not at the mercy of the owners... welcome to the world of Web3.

Web3 is the biggest disruptive force I have seen in the last decade. We are at the beginning of great changes, transformations, wealth shifts. Curious people, students, managers, entrepreneurs should actively engage with the topic of web3. My goal is to provide my readers with content on this topic so that they are empowered to identify Web3 opportunities themselves. In terms of content, I am very active on Twitter and LinkedIn on this topic. Through this newsletter, I will prepare and send only the most important thoughts.

I would be happy if you would join me on this content journey into our future.

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