About me

Hi there! First of all, great to have you here and thanks for giving me your attention. My name is Thomas. I am a professor at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria / Europe, an entrepreneur and a psychologist. I have the pleasure of being involved for many years with pioneers who are breaking new ground, turning ideas into reality, launching projects, and making an impact in a variety of fields. As a professor, I also have the privilege of working intensively on topics that interest me. And I am really interested in many topics. That's a blessing and a curse. In this newsletter I am going to publish a weekly article on a topic that has sparked my interest (hoping that this content will also be of interest to you). The thoughts I publish will probably be on topics like entrepreneurship, innovation and our future. I would be delighted if you join my readers :)

In terms of the social media channels I use, there will be some differentiation of content. LinkedIn will become my most important social media channel. Other social networks will also be partially separated in terms of content. On Twitter, for example, I will post more frequently and with much more focused content about NFTs, DAOs and the Metaverse. The following is an overview of channels and focus areas:

This newsletter: 1 article per week on topics that have sparked my interest (most important thought)

LinkedIn: 3-5 posts a week on topics I find relevant (my own thoughts, observations, articles worth reading, etc.) + topic discussion

Twitter: 5-10 posts a week focusing on NFTs, DAOs, the metaverse

Instagram: 5-10 posts / stories a week, also on non-business topics (food, travelling, conferences, university)

If you're still not sure if you want to subscribe to my newsletter, you can also check out my past content here. My content is available in German and in English.

Maybe your friends are also interested in my content and they would be happy to hear from you about this newsletter.

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For speaking requests, please feel free to contact me by email at kontakt@metzlerthomas.com or use the contact form on my website ThomasMetzler.io.