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Hi there! First of all, great to have you here and thanks for giving me your attention. My name is Thomas. I am a professor at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria / Europe, an entrepreneur and a psychologist. I started this publication to help those who want to explore opportunities, realize ideas, and get the most out of life. I have the pleasure of being involved for many years with people who are breaking new ground, turning ideas into reality, launching projects, starting businesses, and designing their life in a way that fits them. Now I wanted to give something back and share some of my insights, thoughts and learnings in my weekly newsletter. I would be delighted if you join my readers :)

Should I read this publication?

If you are wondering whether this publication is relevant to you at all, below are some of the contents you can expect. But in case of doubt I would say yes, read this publication ;)

Content on exploring opportunities

  • How do I find opportunities?

  • What opportunities should I pursue?

  • What mindset is helpful in seizing opportunities?

Content on realizing ideas

  • How to turn ideas into reality?

  • How do I handle challenges, hurdles and setbacks?

  • What theories, practical tools and insights should I know?

Content on getting the most out of life

  • How do I design a life that suits me?

  • How to live a happy and successful life?

  • How can I use my thoughts and behaviors in a way that supports me in getting the most out of my life?

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My content is available in German and in English.

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Feedback Welcome!

I plan to compile parts of this newsletter into a book towards the end of the year. In this respect, I am very happy about your feedback on this newsletter episode. You know other interesting content on this topic? Books, scientific publications, videos, lectures, articles. I would like to have a look at them! Something was unclear, incomprehensible? Let me know! You have examples that support or contradict what I said? Great, I would be very interested in your examples! Any other comments? I am open and grateful for everything! Just reply to this newsletter.

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